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The Full Story

Meet Asli

Hi, I'm Asli
Hypnotic Spiritual Healer
And understanding the Mind has changed my life. 10 years ago I was trying to find myself and heal in the process. Deep down I was suffering from core wounds I didn't even know existed, I was trapped in trying to fill the void within, may it be the new job, or another relationship with no intimacy. I felt completely lost and alone in the life I was living, mostly mentally. 

And now, I am helping other spiritual women who feel unlovable and incomplete because of the generational mother wound they carry by teaching her how to heal and connect to her inner truth with Hypnotic Spiritual Healing so she can release the pain of her past and find peace, wholeness and love from within.


I love the work I do and I am passionate about helping you goddess shine your light and find joy, love, abundance and heal the world with your light. 

A Goddess Healing Tribe will be born!

"It is often trauma that drives you to
re-discovering your-self"

~ Asli Samouie

“Doing Soul-Work with Asli was an investment for lifetime!

She has guided me through some intense inner processes allowing me to gain insights and healing on a deeper level."


— Anne-Marie​, Germany



My mission is to shine my light into this world so you can recognizing your own light. 

Your Truth lies within!

I am here to heal myself so I can bring healing into this world by using my own unique skills and to help my soul clients find theirs!

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Dancing Women


I am imagining a world where

Self-Healing is thought to Mothers and Children so the world as a collective can be healed.

When Women heal themselves they also heal the world!

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