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"It is often trauma that drives you to
re-discovering your-self"

~ Asli Samouie
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Hypnotherapist, Hypnotic Spiritual Healer, Starseed, Cosmic Healer, Rememberer of Cosmic Wisdom.

My Journey started with a simple question ...
Who Am I?
On this path of finding who I am, 
I found the Healing Codes we all carry within.
Understanding the Mind and Body has
changed my life.
10 years ago I was trying to find myself and heal in the process. Deep down I was suffering from core wounds I didn't even know existed, I was trapped in trying to fill the void within, may it be the new job, or another relationship with no intimacy. I felt completely lost and alone in the life I was living, mostly mentally. 

After intense inner work and going through cycles of death and re-birth, I have been helping other spiritual women who feel unlovable and incomplete because of their emotional pain by teaching them how to heal and connect to her inner truth with Hypnotic Spiritual Healing, so she can release the pain of her past and find peace, wholeness and love from within.

While I am still helping many women with their emotional pain, I have discovered additional healing abilities to help connect starseeds to a healing stream of light I call Cosmic Healing as well as helping them re-connect to their own star nations to receive support and healing directly. 

I love the work I do and I am passionate about helping star seeds and lightworkers to shine their light and find joy, love, abundance and heal the world with their gifts. 

“Doing Soul-Work with Asli was an investment for lifetime!

She has guided me through some intense inner processes allowing me to gain insights and healing on a deeper level."


— Anne-Marie​, Germany

My own Path

When I was pregnant I experienced what some might call a spiritual awakening, which was anything else than a pleasant experience.


To say the least, I thought I'm dying. 

So much so, that I made peace with the thought of leaving this world, my partner, my unborn child, my family and friends. 

This very night, something magical happened in the moment I surrendered to dying, I passed out for a split moment and when I came back with a deep breath that felt pushed back in to me, all the fear of death disappeared and a sense of peace came over me. I suddenly knew that there was nothing to be afraid of in this life and that "all" I needed to do is face my own darkness.

I had no other options than to look within, to face myself and the pain, and become my own healer. 


Having been trained in the art of Hypnosis helped me a lot on this journey and I know everyone can use these powerful skills for self-healing and remembering.


The more I connected deeply, the more I understood who I am. The more I understood about myself the more I claimed the power of my mind. And the more I claimed my power, the more clearly I was able to hear my intuition and align to the cosmic path that was calling out to me. 

And today in 2023, I finally acknowledge my Cosmic Heritage and see my path clearer than ever before. And I know from the bottom of my heart that I am here to help my fellow Cosmic Family Members, fellow Star Seeds to understand who they are and what their role is in this incarnation. 

I want nothing more than for you goddess to shine your light and remember the magnificent creator you are. All by helping you release the pain of all of your past(s) and re-connecting to your Cosmic Ancestors.

I hope you will join me on this exciting adventure!

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