"It is often trauma that drives you to
re-discovering your-self"

~ Asli Samouie

The Full Story

Meet Asli

Hi, I'm Asli
Hypnotic Spiritual Healer
6 Years ago I decided to leave my corporate job to become a Hypnotherapist and help people with various struggles like Fear of flying, anxiety, depression and so on. However, in the last few years, my work has shifted more towards spiritual alignment through Emotional Healing and helping my clients to connect to their Intuition and Soul Purpose aligning their Body Mind and Soul towards the same direction.

I was born and raised in Germany by Turkish parents in the 80's and moved to the UK in 2018 to study. After my Masters Degree I worked in the corporate world not knowing what I want to do with my life but I knew I wanted more fulfilment.


The search for my purpose brought up many traumas I had kept in the background for many years. Once my interest in Hypnosis sparked up I found many answers, solutions and resolutions to trauma - It still took me a few years to fully understand how I can heal from it all.


The biggest realisations from my Healing Journey is that Emotional Healing is one of the most important parts in re-connecting with who your are and consequently your Soul Purpose.

And now, I am helping other women on their healing journey and save valuable time and energy in finding the right tools that work. I love the work I do and I am passionate about helping you goddess shine your light and find joy, love, abundance and heal the world with your light.

A Healing Tribe will be born!

“Doing Soul-Work with Asli was an investment for lifetime!

She has guided me through some intense inner processes allowing me to gain insights and healing on a deeper level."


— Anne-Marie​, Germany



My mission is to shine my light into this world so you can recognizing your own light. 

Your Truth lies within!

I am here to heal myself so I can bring healing into this world by using my own unique skills and to help my soul clients find theirs!

Dancing Women


I am imagining a world where Emotional Healing is thought to Mothers and Children so the world as a collective can be healed.

When Women heal themselves they also heal the world!