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Healing Session

Trinity Starseed   &   Cosmic Healing

Helping Starseeds and Lightworkers to get to to the next level on their healing journey and unlock their Cosmic Gifts.

Trinity Starseed Healing

This is a startseed healing modality by Eva Marquez (Author of: "Activate your Cosmic DNA"), where we will be working with the healing energies of one of these 3 star nations - Andromeda, Pleiades and Sirius. Whether you are connected to one of these star nations or not, their healing techniques can be used individually or in combination depending on the topic you want to work on. These sessions not only help you heal but also reconnect you with your soul family and also help you remember who you are and your mission on earth.

Cosmic Healing

This is a healing modality I have discovered as my own unique gift throughout my own healing path and I am now ready to share it with the world. In these sessions we will create a save space and connect to these energies with a visualisation while we hold our intention. I will also be working with your energetic body to release any blocks that have been holding you back. 

The aim of these sessions are to get you moving to the next level by combining both healing modalities.


I had a Starseed cosmic healing with Asli, after coming across her events by chance on meet up. I attended a few of her meet up sessions and she came across as friendly and genuine. She also has a lot of knowledge and her events left me always feeling to enlightened. The healing session itself, felt very natural and I was able to really tune into myself and visualise. It brought up alot of emotion, and it made me feel lighter after the session. Asli took her time getting to know my story and made me feel at ease and left me with alot to think about which I really appreciated. I would recommend Asli to everyone. She is truly amazing. Thank you for your help Asli​.

Kiren, UK

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