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Benefits OF 

Do you wonder if Hypnotherapy is for you and how you could benefit from it? Then you are not alone, there has been many misconceptions through hypnotist presenting it in a different light as well as recent movies portraying it as evil tool to control and manipulate people. 

Ok! You can breath out and relax. In real world Hypnosis as an altered state of consciousnesses which has been used for thousands of years by The ancient Egyptians, in their sleep temples, for healing. The power of the subconscious mind was also recognised by the ancient Greek, a few thousand years later further down the timeline, by Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine as we know it (460 - 377BC). 

We can safely say:

"It is a very ancient healing method."

It was then re-introduced by Franz Anton Mesmer (1770), from whom the phrase  "being mesmerised" is originated from. 

Regardless of its past, the benefits that come from Hypnosis are really worth the try.  

Here are a few benefits to consider and this is by no means an exhaustive list but it gives an indication of the many ways it can enrich your life!

  • ​Sleep

Many clients, regardless of their treatment, report a great night sleep even a few days after the session. It can help aid sleeping disorders 

  • Stress

Stress has become a constant companion in our busy lives usually in certain periods of change or challenges which then pass after overcoming the challenge at hand. However, if the stress is ongoing as a response to an harmful event, attack, or threat to survival, then the fight-or-flight response will be hyper active and can perceive medium stresses as life threatening and can cause adverse reactions like anxiety, depression, constant fatigue, insomnia and many more. 

The nature of Hypnosis promotes deep relaxation,   

  • Anxiety and Depression

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